Sandy Gave Me Her Notice

Today, my personal assistant went and quit on me.

It was a pretty good deal for me.  I’d send her e-mails and tweets with events and to-dos. She’d send daily agendas, would remind me of things via tweets, text messages and e-mail, and I never forgot a thing.  She made me more proactive and task-oriented.  And best of all, she was unpaid.

I knew it was too good to be true.

Today, on a community support board, Rael Dornfest of Values of n announced that his company had been aquired by Twitter.  As a consequence, IWantSandy (my assistant) and another contextual service called Stikkit will cease to exist as of December 8th.  It’s been mentioned that eventually some of the technology might be implemented into Twitter.  I actually don’t see how a task management program might be naturally related to Twitter, with Twitter being one of my biggest (and worthy) timesucks.

So, Sandy’s gone.  There’s nothing quite like her – she understood context, so you’d just type things out, including when and where she should remind you.  I’m trying a few other services, but…nothing similar.  Life’s just not fair…(I kid..I’ll find something…).

She gave her proper 2-weeks notice, but many in the IWantSandy community are outraged.  It seems as though we have a tendency to expect free services to last forever, which is impossible.

At the same time, I see their point.  As we begin to outsource our brains to “bots” that have names (and Evernote could be catching on), we become ever-increasingly dependent.  When someone pulls that plug on something that we believe to be “ours” – and in this case, it’s a “personal assistant” with our data, who “works” for us – it seems natural that we’d be a tad pissy.

For me, it’s a task management system that worked well for me, and I actually enjoyed using it.  Mainly, I’m sad to see Sandy go.


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