Why Blog Now, What To Blog About Now?

Why Blog Now, What To Blog About Now?

It’s been a long time since I’ve had my own personal blog—especially one that I’ve kept up with a disciplined approach.

So, why was that?

Well, for a while, I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to add. Many blogs talk about new media, and they do it well. There are countless how-to articles on as many tactics as you can imagine, from ads, to blogging, to online videos, to email writing, and beyond. It’s beyond remarkable for me to see posts that are published today that are nearly identical to blog posts that I’ve read for years now.

But at the same time, how many people blog about putting strategy before tactics? And the answer is that there are few and far between.

So, over time, I’ve realized that it’s not the how-to guides that count. It’s about showing people how to create content that is meaningful, relevant, and engaging to their audiences. It’s that kind of material that needs to be generated.

I’ve also been fortunate, for almost the last five years, to work for a new media department in an organization that is comprised of many talented individuals. We’ve pushed the envelope together, but it’s been hard to find those “I’ve never heard of this before” teachable moments that make for good posts on how to practice new media well—at least, ones that wouldn’t give away a “secret sauce.”

In just a few short weeks, I’ll begin teaching a Digital Content class at La Salle University. And in developing the course work, it’s become clear to me that there really is no “secret sauce.” In fact, the secrets are just—well, working the basics in a correct manner. Once there’s a solid foundation—an understanding of an audience and their needs—the rest, as long as you know the tactics, comes easy.

I’ve always tried to be thoughtful in everything that I do. For a while, I thought it meant to always sound smart, to always write something that’s cutting edge, or to only write something that’s never been heard before. But new media isn’t so new anymore. And if I focus only on publishing only those kinds of posts—well, I wouldn’t be posting much at all.

So, that’s my goal here. Get back to the basics. Strategy before tactics. Enough with the latest and greatest. Sure, we should look at those, but only after understanding the fundamentals. In any endeavor, we can only start from there, and see what comes from that.


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